Get the Most Out of Coupons – Use Grocery Store Sale Cycles

What is A Grocery Store Sale Cycle?

A sale cycle in the grocery business refers to when a product goes on sale at its all-time lowest price. It will never go lower. Many grocery products have a sales cycle of roughly three months. A smart couponer knows that this is the best time to put couponing skills to work. Match up your coupons with the low price of the product and you will see substantial savings.

How Can I Save Money with Coupons and Cycles?

Here’s an example: this is the time of year ice cream is on sale. The local grocer has Breyers Ice Cream priced at $1.88.

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That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen it. Combine it with the $0.50 off coupon from our grocery coupons and your final price is $1.38. You can’t beat that price.

If a box of your favorite cookies is on sale this week at the lowest price you’ve ever seen, then in another three months or so those cookies will probably be on sale at the same low price again. Three months isn’t always the cycle, but it’s a good guideline.

Stock Up with Coupons and Sale Cycles

When you’re deciding how many boxes of mac and cheese to buy during a sale, remember that in about three months mac and cheese will probably be on sale again. So buy enough boxes to last you for about three months. Check to see if there is a limit per customer and if so, plan accordingly. Make sure you have enough until the next time it’s marked down. Stock up on coupons for this item ahead of time and you’ll practically get it for free!

The grocery store sale cycle also has a yearly trend and falls in line with what most shoppers are looking for at that particular time of year. So unlike other industries, prices go down when demand goes up. Super Bowl is the perfect example of the grocery

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store sale cycle and low prices. In January you’ll find sales on all kinds of snack foods from chips to salsa to popcorn and pizza. This is when you’ll want to have your coupons ready for those items and be prepared to stock up. Take for example a popular food like frozen pizza. I found a coupon for Totino’s frozen pizza that saves $1 on five party pizza products. Combine that with a Walmart rollback price of $0.75 each and you are getting five pizzas for $2.75. Now THAT’S smart shopping.

Clip and Save with Grocery Coupons

There’s no reason you should ever have to pay full price on groceries if you plan ahead. Make a list of things you buy frequently, stockpile your coupons, watch your local store sales and check our grocery coupons before you shop. The savings will add up fast.